A: A leave and license agreement is an instrument/agreement wherein the licensor allows the licensee to temporarily occupy and use one portion of immovable property for carrying on his business for residential purposes.
A: It's mandatory to register Leave and License in Maharashtra and Tenants not registering their Leave and License may not get Police Clearance now on. As per directives issued by department of registration and stamps, Police Clearances certificates will not be issued to unregistered agreements.
The responsibility of registering Leave and License Agreement lies with licensor and in absence of it, the licensor may face conviction with imprisonment which may extend to three months or with fine not exceeding rupees five thousand or with both.
A: The provisions relating to standard rent and permitted increases will not apply to any premises let or given on license in a building.
A: Licensee who does not deliver possession of the premises to the landlord on expiry of the period of license and continues to be in possession of the licensed premises till he is dispossessed by the Competent Authority shall be liable to pay damages at double the rate of the license fee or charge of the premises fixed under the agreement of license.
A: A licensee only has the right to occupy and use the property as a mere licensee. A licensee cannot transfer his right over the property and also does not have exclusive possession of the property. The legal possession of the property is deemed to be that of the licensor.
A: A licensee in possession of premises on license for residence shall deliver possession of such premises to the landlord on expiry of the period of license; and on the failure of the licensee to so deliver the possession of the licensed premises, a landlord shall be entitled to recover possession of such premises from a licensee, on the expiry of the period of license, by making an application to the Competent Authority, and the Competent Authority, on being satisfied that the period of license has expired, shall pass an order for eviction of a licensee.
A: Any person who is legally entitled to enter into a contract may take a property under lease or leave and license.
A: Any kind of immovable property, including land, flats etc. may be taken on lease or leave and license unless there is a restriction on the transferability of the rights of such property.
A: The following are some of the differences between lease and a license: A lease is a transfer of an interest in specific property, while license is a mere permission to use the property, without any transfer of any interest in the property. Licensee only acquires a right to occupy the property and the legal ownership and the possession of the property remains with the licensor. In case of a lease, the legal possession of such property is also deemed to be transferred to the lessee. A licensee cannot sub-license the property to a third party under any circumstances. On the other hand, a lessee can sub-lease the property to a third party, unless the lease agreement expressly provides otherwise. Lease is an inheritable right. A license is personal and exclusive to the licensee i.e. on death of the licensee it automatically stands terminated.
A: It's not mandatory to register Rent Agreement for 11 months. Renewable/extendable agreements for three to five years can also be made and registered. However, the stamp duty and registration charges for longer duration may differ.


A: The process is very simple and comprises of 3 simple steps:- 1) Send us your details 2) Finalize the Draft Agreement 3) Schedule an appointment The entire process can be completed within a day depending upon the flow of information and the registration process takes 3-4 working days.
A: You can complete the whole process within holidays and for that purpose you don't have to visit anywhere rather everything will be done at your doorsteps. Call us between 09:00 AM to 07:00 PM on any day including Sunday.
A: Yes. You can register any type of property with us provided it should be a legal entity.
A: Our service is open to everyone be it a broker or a tenant or a landlord.
A: At present our services are limited to Online Registrations only.
A: The owner need not come to your location for Biometric verification rather we would arrange his Biometrics at his place. This service costs extra amount which will be intimated to you separately.
A: An e-registered agreement is as authentic as a traditional registered agreement but less time consuming and cheaper than the traditional one.
A: We assist in Police Verification at extra charges. You have to simply download the Form from our website and send across to us for further process.