How to register Rent Agreement in Maharashtra if owner is outside India?

This question will be in the minds of most NRI’s who are from Maharashtra and having their properties rent out in India. Renting a property isn’t just fine if you are not legalizing it as there could be dire consequences if the tenant deviates from agreed terms and conditions. Having said this the owner has to be careful and should have completed all legal formalities to avoid any legal battle. The solution to this problem is by registering the Lease in the form of Rent Agreement and having done police verification of tenants. Now, if the owner is outside India its difficult for him to come to India and that too at the expense of travelling cost. This is where Leave and License registration Services comes into picture. We can help NRI customers from Maharashtra in following ways:-

  1. Owner contacts us at either email or direct contact number
  2. Owner puts forth his requirement and we provide an easy solution that we will buy a Thumb scanner of required standard on behalf of owner and ship directly to owner address. Owner pays the bill online at the Payment link sent by us.
  3. Owner receives the device well in time and now the problem is regarding installation and configuration of device. We help owner to install and configure device correctly with a demo video and online support through either Skype or Whats App video call.
  4. Once the device is configured with owner system, we draft the Agreement and share the details with owner to capture thumb, image and for biometric verification with UIDAI data
  5. After completing this procedure we capture thumb, image and verify biometric details of tenants in India
  6. We pay Registration Fee and stamp duty in favor of parties and submit document for registration. Owner pays balance dues on payment link sent by us.
  7. Once the document is registered, we email the whole document to owner and if required to other parties
  8. This is all done without any hassles.
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